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Hey I'm benbenjamin, but most people call me ben. :^)

Being a Software ∧ Infrastructure Engineer for Azure's Privacy Engineering Centre of Excellence is the main gig. The TLDR: Architecting and building Beautiful Infrastructure on the Clouds of Azure to help our customers harness the best Azure for Privacy & Security and much more. As you can Imagine image this has me using a lot of Terraform, Pipeline automation, Golang, Kubernetes and much more.

I'm also an advocate of accessibility in tech and empowering everyone to harness the most out of the technology to improve their life in any way.

Finally, as you could have probably already imagined, I am a major {Computer, Networking, automation, electronics} nerd and then toss in my Lo̤̮ve for the Sea, fixed gear bikes, animals, beer, Veganism and most importantly being a dad to the coolest kid in Dublin.
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Oct 2019 - Present

Software Engineer 2, Microsoft

Aug 2018 - Sep 2019

Software Engineer, Dun & Bradstreet